Aims and Values


Aims and Values

At Westfields Infant School we aim to:

  • provide a high quality and challenging learning environment for all our children in partnership with parents, staff and governors and the wider community.
  • foster the joy of learning supported by well-developed skills for continuing independent learning throughout life.
  • create a secure caring atmosphere where all pupils and adults are valued and encouraged to make their best contribution.
  • encourage children to become self-confident and self-reliant whilst co-operating with and respecting the feelings of others.

To achieve the aims stated above the school will:

  • introduce children to school in such a way that they develop a joy in and an appetite for learning which will stay with them for life.
  • allow each child to develop academically, emotionally, aesthetically, socially and physically to their full capability, encompassing a moral and spiritual dimension within a warm, caring atmosphere.
  • help children become self-reliant, make decisions and develop an ability to solve problems.
  • encourage each child to believe in his/herself and acquire an insight into their own strengths by experiencing success.
  • enable children to live and work together by respecting the feelings of others and realising the need for an acceptable code of behaviour.
  • give all children equal opportunities regardless of gender, race, disability or creed.
  • provide a broad and balanced curriculum, which is relevant to today‚Äôs needs and those of the future and that is based on first hand experience whenever possible.